Monday, January 29, 2007

Who Raised The Flop

This one goes to the tune of Barry Mann's "Who Put The Bop"

I'd like to smack the guy
Who took it all
And made me go all in on a pair of queens

Who raised the flop, damn, the flop, the flop, the flop
Who put their hand in my damn gambling pot
Who gave the bump, oh, the bump, the bump, the bump
Who was the twit, yeah, the twit, the idiot
You'd understand
I'd like to break his hands
He raised and made me gamble everything

Where's that little turd (pow,pow pow pow,pow pow,pow pow pow)
Every chip went right into his account
And then he finished betting(damn him,damn him,damn him,damn him,damn him,damn it)
Now I've got nothing left to count

Sometimes I wish I'd known(looky,looky,looky,looky,looky,looky,you)
Give my money back. I am broke
Now, every time I want to(bet, bet bet bet bet, bet, bet bet bet bet)
I always think that I will choke

Darn thief,(stomp,stomp stomp stomp,stomp stomp,stomp stomp stomp)
It ain't funny,(catch your damn ding dong in your zipper)
And when I play(shit,shit,shit,shit,shit,shit,shit )
You know that I'm pissed off at you, you stupid stupid stupid dude.

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