Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm Really Gone

This one goes to the tune of the Elvis Presley song All Shook Up.

Well, bless my soul, do you really think
That I’m alive and well working at Burger King
Didn’t you read the stories that I died in the john?
I fell off (boom) I’m really gone
It’s true, true baby.

Well, my fans are crazy. Tell me, what do you think?
Jim Morrison and I are living on the same street?
Tell me anyone who could keep a secret this long,
I wasn’t caught, (Proof), I’m really gone.
It’s true, true baby

Please don’t think that I’m well and fine,
I’m worth more now than when I was alive
And my little girl has put me to the test
She married someone who would scare me to death

She married the man they call The King Of Pop
If I were still alive, I would’ve surely dropped
But I’m glad to say she and he broke up
It wasn’t long, (ooh), I’m really gone
It’s true, true baby

My fans are waiting for me to speak
They see me everywhere every single week
But nobody has a camera that works just fine
Do you really need more proof that I’m not alive?

Just understand that the pills I got
Took me out, along with my big gut
So please stop overeating and taking drugs,
I was wrong, (mmph), and now I’m gone
It’s true, true baby
It’s true, true baby
I’m really gone