Monday, January 29, 2007

Who Raised The Flop

This one goes to the tune of Barry Mann's "Who Put The Bop"

I'd like to smack the guy
Who took it all
And made me go all in on a pair of queens

Who raised the flop, damn, the flop, the flop, the flop
Who put their hand in my damn gambling pot
Who gave the bump, oh, the bump, the bump, the bump
Who was the twit, yeah, the twit, the idiot
You'd understand
I'd like to break his hands
He raised and made me gamble everything

Where's that little turd (pow,pow pow pow,pow pow,pow pow pow)
Every chip went right into his account
And then he finished betting(damn him,damn him,damn him,damn him,damn him,damn it)
Now I've got nothing left to count

Sometimes I wish I'd known(looky,looky,looky,looky,looky,looky,you)
Give my money back. I am broke
Now, every time I want to(bet, bet bet bet bet, bet, bet bet bet bet)
I always think that I will choke

Darn thief,(stomp,stomp stomp stomp,stomp stomp,stomp stomp stomp)
It ain't funny,(catch your damn ding dong in your zipper)
And when I play(shit,shit,shit,shit,shit,shit,shit )
You know that I'm pissed off at you, you stupid stupid stupid dude.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Keep On Walkin'. He's A Creep, Girls

This one goes to the tune of Neil Young's song "Keep On Rockin' In The Free World"


He licks her on the feet
Then while he drools
He will stutter that they're sweet
He will steal her friggin' shoes

He has former wives who want him dead
There's a lot of people saying that he'd better payoff debts
Most girls won't date him, but I understand
Yo, he's highly perverted, he's a ladies man

Keep on walkin'. He's a creep, girls.
Keep on walkin'. He's so cheap, girls.
Keep on walkin'. He's no treat, girls.
Keep on walkin'. He's a creep, girls.

I've seen him movin' in the night
He's had maybe 9 or 10
King cans of Coors Light
(he can barely stand)
He can barely stand
(he can barely stand)

Now he puts that shit away and he's gonna have a fit
He'll waste his life, cause he's a dumb dimwit
He's a dumb, poor twit. Always take him for a fool
Never try to fall in love, ever with this freakin' tool

He's got a thousand wars to fight
With a hopeless plan
He's got a mind to fight you. He is not a man
He's got canker sores, and a toilet face
He'll stand up and box you if you're period's late
He's not a fan of people that are more his size
They'll knock him on his ass, that's no big surprise

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dumbass On Weed


This one goes to the tune of Dire Strait's "Sultan Of Swing"
He starts to quiver in the dark
Keeps a lookout for a narc
Cause he's buying
An ounce of the best pot he's ever seen
From a dude that he's only known for a short time
He feels alright
When he finally gets that weed

Now he runs and he hides
So he won't see too many faces
Comin' in to be a pain
And bring his buzz down
He caught a vision of his shoelaces
Thought they were worms
His brain isn't that sound

When he looks down

When he says, "Now, I want Gummies now"

Look out. His car's an old Ford
It blows by all accords
Mind you, it doesn't always get him
From point A to point B
But that old car is all that he can afford
Cause he fills his pipe
Every day with that weed

Now Mary Jane is fine
If he wants to bake pastries
He better pray those brownies
Come out alright
He can screw up quite a lot
Just like anything
Baking that pot
On Friday night

He's a dumbass

He's a dumbass on weed

Then he proudly makes noise
"They're cooling right now. Place your order"
Skunks the best
In their brown baggies
With hairs of gold
He only puts a gram
In all of that scrumptious brownie pan
They want their money back
Or heads will roll

And the dumbass

Yeah, the dumbass stays real low

Real low, baby
(lead break)

Then the man with the cops
Says what's up on the megaphone
"Come out fast, or some damn bullets will ring"
Serves him right, he's been dimed, now jail is his home
But he ain't got class. He's a ding a ling

He is a dumbass

He is a dumbass on weed

Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Kids Are Freakin' Nuts

This one goes to the tune of Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust"

1. I see them daily on the street, with their pants slung way down low
Hopping along to a rappin’ beat, not caring what they show
Are they crazy? Are they nuts? My daughter really scares me
Her favorite song is called My Humps, by a group called BEP

My kids are freakin’ nuts
My kids are freakin’ nuts
They want an I pod and
They want an X box
My kids are freakin’ nuts
Hey, they want money too
My kids are freakin’ nuts

2. Maybe they think that my hard earned dough comes to me for free
I’d welcome them to take a walk out back and find that money tree
We’ve got rent to pay, and food to buy, we gotta pay utilities
“Daddy, can I have a car?” Well, only if we don’t eat.

My kids are nuts,

My kids are freakin' nuts
There's no if's and's or but's
We just may end up in a hut
'Cause my kids are freakin' nuts


Ooooh, no doubt.....

3. There are many bills that have to be paid, so don’t give me that frown
There’s the lights, the phone, the heat and the gas. Sorry to let you down
I’m Daddy, I’m not the bank. I love you endlessly
But $100 bucks for a pair of jeans! Ya gotta be kidding me?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dang Crazy Dog

This one goes to the tune of Steve Miller's "Dance Dance Dance"
My dumb dog, he'll always try
To chase cars. How is he still alive?
That old dog, he's crazy too
He barks at the TV. What can I do?

I don't know, but he's getting old
He'll sniff your crotch like it's made of Alpo
C'mon, Rover. You're a pretty good dog
Just some things you do ain't right

Dang Dang Dang
Dang Dang Dang
Dang Dang Dang, Crazy Dog

He chews old socks, and underwear
Dirty or clean. He just don't care
He'll sniff your bum with great delight
And chase his freakin' tail all night

When my friends come over, they laugh and roar
Watching him drag his butt across the floor
C'mon Rover, It's a pretty gross one
To watch you lick your butt all night

I still love him. He's a pretty good egg
Just keep your eyes open, or he'll hump your leg
If you get up. he'll steal your seat
And if you move him, he'll pee on your feet

Just be careful when he kisses your face
His tongue's been just about every place
C'mon Rover, I love you, dog
Ya make me laugh every night

Friday, January 12, 2007

Make You Smile

This is a parody of the Proclaimers song "500 Miles"

1. When I write a
When I write a parody
I'll always try to write something that you

Will laugh at
Laugh at hysterically
Try to time out all the words too

Sometimes it screws up
Yeah, it screws up horribly
Even I gotta look at it and say p u

So I'll rewrite
And rewrite some more
Until I think that it's ready to view

But I won't stop trying to make you smile
And if you do, I'll write some more
Until I write the perfect song that makes you
Pee your pants, and fall on the floor

2. I know that
That I'm not Jerry Reed
Or Ray Stevens, or even Weird Al too

But I'll try to
Try to write some comedy
Laughter is the cure for the blues

The world is fightin
The world ain't too funny
The war is always on the news

So I'll take comedy
No one likes to laugh at tragedy
There's a fine line that's drawn between the two

3. When I check out
When I'm on the gurney
And when my skin is turning a shade of blue

Then it's over
My songs are history
I hope at least one of them got to you

When I walk up
Up to the Pearly Gates
When St. Peter says, "What can I do for you?"

I'll say I was someone
Who tried to make people laugh
And hopefully he says, "Good job, you can go on through!"