Friday, January 12, 2007

Make You Smile

This is a parody of the Proclaimers song "500 Miles"

1. When I write a
When I write a parody
I'll always try to write something that you

Will laugh at
Laugh at hysterically
Try to time out all the words too

Sometimes it screws up
Yeah, it screws up horribly
Even I gotta look at it and say p u

So I'll rewrite
And rewrite some more
Until I think that it's ready to view

But I won't stop trying to make you smile
And if you do, I'll write some more
Until I write the perfect song that makes you
Pee your pants, and fall on the floor

2. I know that
That I'm not Jerry Reed
Or Ray Stevens, or even Weird Al too

But I'll try to
Try to write some comedy
Laughter is the cure for the blues

The world is fightin
The world ain't too funny
The war is always on the news

So I'll take comedy
No one likes to laugh at tragedy
There's a fine line that's drawn between the two

3. When I check out
When I'm on the gurney
And when my skin is turning a shade of blue

Then it's over
My songs are history
I hope at least one of them got to you

When I walk up
Up to the Pearly Gates
When St. Peter says, "What can I do for you?"

I'll say I was someone
Who tried to make people laugh
And hopefully he says, "Good job, you can go on through!"

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