Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dumbass On Weed


This one goes to the tune of Dire Strait's "Sultan Of Swing"
He starts to quiver in the dark
Keeps a lookout for a narc
Cause he's buying
An ounce of the best pot he's ever seen
From a dude that he's only known for a short time
He feels alright
When he finally gets that weed

Now he runs and he hides
So he won't see too many faces
Comin' in to be a pain
And bring his buzz down
He caught a vision of his shoelaces
Thought they were worms
His brain isn't that sound

When he looks down

When he says, "Now, I want Gummies now"

Look out. His car's an old Ford
It blows by all accords
Mind you, it doesn't always get him
From point A to point B
But that old car is all that he can afford
Cause he fills his pipe
Every day with that weed

Now Mary Jane is fine
If he wants to bake pastries
He better pray those brownies
Come out alright
He can screw up quite a lot
Just like anything
Baking that pot
On Friday night

He's a dumbass

He's a dumbass on weed

Then he proudly makes noise
"They're cooling right now. Place your order"
Skunks the best
In their brown baggies
With hairs of gold
He only puts a gram
In all of that scrumptious brownie pan
They want their money back
Or heads will roll

And the dumbass

Yeah, the dumbass stays real low

Real low, baby
(lead break)

Then the man with the cops
Says what's up on the megaphone
"Come out fast, or some damn bullets will ring"
Serves him right, he's been dimed, now jail is his home
But he ain't got class. He's a ding a ling

He is a dumbass

He is a dumbass on weed

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