Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Kids Are Freakin' Nuts

This one goes to the tune of Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust"

1. I see them daily on the street, with their pants slung way down low
Hopping along to a rappin’ beat, not caring what they show
Are they crazy? Are they nuts? My daughter really scares me
Her favorite song is called My Humps, by a group called BEP

My kids are freakin’ nuts
My kids are freakin’ nuts
They want an I pod and
They want an X box
My kids are freakin’ nuts
Hey, they want money too
My kids are freakin’ nuts

2. Maybe they think that my hard earned dough comes to me for free
I’d welcome them to take a walk out back and find that money tree
We’ve got rent to pay, and food to buy, we gotta pay utilities
“Daddy, can I have a car?” Well, only if we don’t eat.

My kids are nuts,

My kids are freakin' nuts
There's no if's and's or but's
We just may end up in a hut
'Cause my kids are freakin' nuts


Ooooh, no doubt.....

3. There are many bills that have to be paid, so don’t give me that frown
There’s the lights, the phone, the heat and the gas. Sorry to let you down
I’m Daddy, I’m not the bank. I love you endlessly
But $100 bucks for a pair of jeans! Ya gotta be kidding me?