Monday, December 11, 2006

Tribute To Tommy Chong 1

Sung to the tune of Steve Miller’s “The Joker”

Some people call him the king of toke
Some call him Tommy Chong
Some people call him a stoner
But not anymore, since the feds came along

He saw that the law was as crooked as can be
They said,"You're gonna plead guilty, or we'll charge your family"
So he does it, yeah, he does it and he goes and he does his time.
Come on, baby, I'll sure tell you what should be the crime

He ain't smokin'
He ain't tokin'
He don't feel like jokin'
Uncle Sam took away his bong

The feds dropped by
Not to get high
Just to blackmail the guy
They can't find Osama, so they'll settle for Chong

The narc's think that they just ruined his life
Lied straight to his face, and just twisted the knife
Now he's gotta say, gotta say that he ain't gettin' high
Come on, baby, let's hope that the feds are making him lie
Cheech and Chong merchandise is available online. The C&C link above the parody will take you there directly.

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